As one of Enterprise Hub Fife’s first office tenants we put Kaber Helm Ltd. under the spotlight!

Industry: IT

Company: Start-up

A newly founded Scottish software start-up company, Kaber Helm focuses on driving efficiency within customer support functions whilst delivering cost savings and continuously improving customer satisfaction using combined experience from multiple business sectors.

So, what exactly does Kaber Helm do?
The company design and build software that is easy to use and effective. We offer a consultancy service so that importantly, we can get to know the clients needs right from the start and then we offer the right solutions for computer integration.

How did you find out about the Hub?
Our team had been working remotely and it was inconvenient for us when we all had to meet. I was in the bank and saw the banner promoting meeting space so we decided to enquire about the Enterprise Hub Fife’s Meeting spaces but when looking at it, we saw the offices and the affordable prices, so we ended up taking one on!

What would you like to achieve whilst at the hub?
Now that we have a base for taking on customers, we want to focus on development and push the company forward. We know that there is additional support available from the Hub that we can tap into and we’re receiving some marketing advice which should help us.

Learn more about Kaber Helm here