As one of Enterprise Hub Fife’s first office tenants, Bradley McLaughlin & Stuart Coull of Redefine Design Agency tell us how they discovered the Enterprise Hub and why it trumped working from home…

Industry: Design

Company: Start-up

Redefine Design Agency is a relatively new company having only established in 2016.

So, what exactly does Redefine Design Agency do?
As an agency specialising in Graphic and Digital Design, it is a small creative business that strives to push the boundaries of design and creativity to reach new, unfamiliar and exciting results. Their work includes brand creation to help clients stand out from their competition, creating new illustrative styles, maximising the potential of graphic design as well as the print process.

Why is Enterprise Hub Fife the best place for you?
We have nothing but positive things to say about the hub – It has excellent space and facilities with no distractions which enables us to focus. It’s actually a funny story as to how we got here. We had no idea the hub existed until one day, we were sat in Costa Coffee having conducted a meeting with a client, when Pamela Stevenson (who had been purchasing a coffee) asked if we were having a meeting, would we be interested in looking at the Hub Office space? After taking a short tour and speaking to the polite lady at the reception desk we couldn’t say no. We had been working from a home office and had considered office space previously but when we saw the prices that people were charging we realised we couldn’t. The Hub prices however, are very affordable so it was a no brainer to move to the Hub.

What would you like to achieve whilst at the hub?
We’d like to achieve a stronger presence in the market by seizing more opportunities now that we have a place where people can locate and meet us to discuss their projects. It enables us to host meetings with far more professionalism and confidence as it comes across that we can do more than. We would like to grow so that we can then take on paid internships and give opportunities to those who are talented but finding it difficult to get a job due to their lack of experience – a position that we were both once in.

Learn more about Redefine Design here